Changemaker of the Month Nomination

I am honored to be nominated as Changemaker of the Month on Mr. Devin Thorpe's show, Your Mark on the World. You can listen to my interview here. The St. Francis Neighborhood Center just posted this on their website and on Facebook. I cannot thank them enough for the life changing opportunities they have given... Continue Reading →

What a Day!

What a day! First we took Greg to get a new outfit, including the belt he picked out that had Maryland flags on it.  He said he wanted to be dressed just like me. Then I took him to the Ruth M. Kirk family festival day in Baltimore City where he met Governor Hogan and... Continue Reading →

Franciscan Center

I first learned of the Franciscan Center this past summer when I was a student at the Johns Hopkins CTY Civic Leadership Institute. I have been doing a coat drive for the past 6 weeks and I have collected well over 400 coats.   This is Mr. Jeff Griffin Director of the Franciscan Center. I... Continue Reading →

Historic Night of Chances

The night I have been waiting for. The event I have been working on with members from the St. Francis Neighborhood Center and TBR finally came to life. We brought in 80k for our kids. I felt honored to be a part of this "Historic Night of Chances," and what made this so special and... Continue Reading →

Let’s Feed the City!

Hey Friends! If you have nothing important to do today, meet me in the city to drop off donations or help out. If you cannot make it but have any clothes or sleeping bags you can donate for me to bring to them, get in touch ASAP. Thanks!

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