My Mentor

I am only 17 years old, but I have grown up watching my city in a state of decline. Each year, it has felt as if there are more and more reports of drug crimes, murders, and armed robberies throughout Baltimore. This is instilling fear in people and keeping many county residents from going into the city. It’s also causing way too many young people to die and destroying hopes and dreams.

The Baltimore crisis seems to follow me everywhere. I can’t escape local news, and I frequently see posts from people on Facebook saying how embarrassing it is that we keep taking top honors for city with the most crime in the U. S. Even in school last year, I was reminded of this daily by a news article pinned to a wall that was talking about the 339th murder of 2017.

This uneasiness is not only in me, it’s within many people who grew up in Baltimore and have a deep rooted love for this city. My concern has continued to grow over the past year while working at the St. Francis Neighborhood Center, as I have learned more about the corruption in this city. Some of this has even negatively affected the center, so this is where it all changes for me. It’s personal!

My work in Baltimore City lead me to meeting Mr. Kahan Dhillon, a generous and brilliant man who I am proud to call my mentor. He has a strong desire to see his knowledge manifest in me, and I take every single one of his powerful lessons to heart. I have never learned so much at such a rapid rate, as I have working side by side with Mr. Dhillon. His commitment to solving the Baltimore Crisis and helping people is beyond that of anyone else I’ve seen here.

Mr. Dhillon is the President of the Baltimore Renaissance Project (TBR) which is a $10 billion dollar revitalization plan for the city of Baltimore. From what I have seen so far with my formal introduction to the project’s plans, and people’s responses to both him and the project, I can say confidently that I truly believe he will raise this city from ruble, to becoming the bustling, economic powerhouse it used to be long ago.


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