Go Fund Me for St. Francis

To anyone who has asked me or my mother if they could donate money because they didn’t have school supplies to offer, I am starting a GO FUND ME page for the St. Francis Neighborhood Center. I will probably keep the page going for several months because supplies are always needed to help the kids. Please consider donating. I can personally attest to the need since I work with these students on a regular basis. Thank you to everyone who has already donated to my school supply fundraiser. With your help, I have collected thousands of dollars in supplies. These will be given to 60-100 students from the St. Francis Neighborhood Center and other city youth from the Reservoir Hill area on August 4th at the Reservoir Hill Resource Fair & Music Festival. The festival is from 11am to 4pm and there will be great food trucks too. Please consider doing something different on that day and come see the good in Baltimore City. Get out of your comfort zone!

I have been volunteering in and out of the U.S. since I was about 9, but the past year has been completely life changing for me. The CTY Civic Leadership Program at Hopkins this summer brought some amazing people into my life. Although I didn’t always agree with the approach, I met students and staff members from all over the country and world that changed me for the better. Next is the Baltimore Renaissance Project. I am honored to work with such a committed group of people on this citywide revitalization project. Mr. Kahan Dhillon knows the greatness that exists in Baltimore and I believe his actions and dedication will have a huge and positive impact on Baltimore’s future. Last but definitely not least. My work at the St. Francis Neighborhood Center has brought something to my life that can’t be explained in a post. Getting to personally know the students and all of the people at the center who work hard every day to fight for this community has ignited a flame in me. It has shown me a world that many people in my zip code haven’t taken the time to know or understand, although I hope to change that. I know I can’t solve the problems by myself, but I can at least try to do my part.

I attend a school that costs my family what most of these families don’t even make in an entire year. I have grown up in an area of Baltimore where many kids have pretty much everything they need and much of what they want. I plan to spend the next year trying to motivate my generation to get to personally know and help even one kid in Baltimore City so they too can have hope for a better future and better education. I think when you are given things your entire life, it’s hard to understand the struggles these youth wake up to face each day, but I do understand it now. I attend the Friends School in the Baltimore/Roland Park area. Around there are at least 4 other schools with the same tuition and many students with similar socioeconomic backgrounds as my family. Gilman, Bryn Mawr, Roland Park Country, Boys Latin (and a little bit down the road, Park School and McDonogh) Students who currently attend any of these schools should attempt to take the time to get to know at least one student in Baltimore City who lives below the poverty line and use some money that you have saved up or ask your parents if they will help by donating. If anyone is interested, send me a message and I will help to arrange it or you can even go with me to meet some kids.

Baltimore has serious problems, but instead of complaining about how horrible it is, do your part in trying to help. Help out people who live only 15 minutes away from you. All donations help but It doesn’t have to be money. Just visiting with and talking to it’s residents does make a difference to them.


#GetOutofYourComfortZone #EXPECTMOREBMORE #FriendsForStFrancis #BeAPartofSomethingBiggerThanYourself

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