Band of BROVAZ/Black Father’s Community Dinner

I stopped by the the Langston Hughes Center in Park Heights to drop off holiday gifts to Pam Curtis for her Christmas toy drive.


A lot of hard work was put into this event by Nathan Pop Thomas, Founder of Band of BROVAZ, and Shelley Staylo Stephens, Founder of Shelley’s Helping Hand. It is always great to see wonderful organizations helping in Baltimore City.


I got to spend a little time with Pam Curtis, Founder of Pushing the Vision, and other inspirational community leaders including Juan Nance, the Founder of Healthy People Juice, and Matt Prestbury (@focusonfatherhood).


Mr. Prestbury founded the Facebook group Black Fathers and the nonprofit, Focused on Fatherhood. He was also chosen from a pool of 6k applicants in Facebook’s first ever Community Leadership Program. Check out his website fatherhoodisforever. com/bigcartel


I just had my appendix removed a few weeks before these photos and it still HURT to laugh, but as you can see, Pam Curtis was cracking me up by sharing stories about when she had her appendix removed and asking me embarrassing questions. It was hilarious even though it hurt. People need to get out of their comfort zones and support the people who are out here trying to make a difference on a local level. Please contact me if you have interest in learning how you too can help our city.

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