Honored to Have Been Chosen As Changemaker of the Month

I am honored to have been chosen as Changemaker of the Month on Devin Thorpe’s show, Your Mark on the World for January 2019.


Most people, if not all, face struggles at times. Of course, some struggles are much more challenging and stressful than others, but as long as we keep on persevering, things will get better. To everyone who has been doubted, discouraged, or struggled to find your place….I say find your community!….. Find your passion!….Surround yourself with people who uplift you!  Do whatever it takes to start believing in yourself. People who face daily struggles are very often the ones who fight the most to be successful and show the world that they were wrong. There will always be friends, teachers, coworkers and even family members who only look at things as black or white and always go by the book. Go out there and show them who you are. Inspire them to be more open-minded and to dig deeper. To anyone out there who has had people not believe in them, just remember that some of the greatest changemakers in the world were “different” as kids, so don’t ever give up! Just keep on pushing even if people do not believe in you!

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