Historic Night of Chances

The night I have been waiting for. The event I have been working on with members from the St. Francis Neighborhood Center and TBR finally came to life. We brought in 80k for our kids. I felt honored to be a part of this "Historic Night of Chances," and what made this so special and... Continue Reading →

Partnership with Trident Homes Realty

This is incredible! Please share this information with friends and family. TRIDENT HOMES REALTY has offered to donate a portion of their commission from each transaction to the St. Francis Neighborhood Center, but YOU MUST MENTION MY NAME OR THE ST FRANCIS NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER WHEN YOU CONTACT THEM in order for them to receive the... Continue Reading →

Thank You for Your Support

Thank you to everyone who has already donated. I am very grateful to those who have paid attention and understood why this is important. The staff at the center can't believe how amazing and generous everyone has been. These funds are desperately needed. All of these kids live below the poverty line and don't have... Continue Reading →

Another Appeal for St. Francis

Parents, students and my family & friends. I am asking you to take a few minutes to fully read my re-post and consider donating supplies or money to support another Friends School student, and if you would share this with other Friends community members, that too would be awesome! To my friends and even my... Continue Reading →

Go Fund Me for St. Francis

To anyone who has asked me or my mother if they could donate money because they didn't have school supplies to offer, I am starting a GO FUND ME page for the St. Francis Neighborhood Center. I will probably keep the page going for several months because supplies are always needed to help the kids.... Continue Reading →

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