Another Appeal for St. Francis

Parents, students and my family & friends. I am asking you to take a few minutes to fully read my re-post and consider donating supplies or money to support another Friends School student, and if you would share this with other Friends community members, that too would be awesome! To my friends and even my... Continue Reading →

Go Fund Me for St. Francis

To anyone who has asked me or my mother if they could donate money because they didn't have school supplies to offer, I am starting a GO FUND ME page for the St. Francis Neighborhood Center. I will probably keep the page going for several months because supplies are always needed to help the kids.... Continue Reading →

The Kids Thank You!

To anyone who has donated to my GO FUND ME or given school supplies. Please watch the short videos of the kids below because they have a message to you.     To anyone who has not donated, I would appreciate if you would reconsider clicking this link and helping the 60 kids at the... Continue Reading →

My Mentor

I am only 17 years old, but I have grown up watching my city in a state of decline. Each year, it has felt as if there are more and more reports of drug crimes, murders, and armed robberies throughout Baltimore. This is instilling fear in people and keeping many county residents from going into... Continue Reading →

Meeting Pam Curtis

The past year has been transformative for me in only positive ways. I have been fortunate to meet people like Ms. Pam Curtis, Founder of #PushingTheVision. First at her inspirational event, The Rise of Kings, and again this past Sunday at the Dale Griffin Feed the City BBQ. Everyone could learn a lot from people... Continue Reading →

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